Many of us will remember playing Happy Families during our
childhoods with an old aunt or our grandparents. We can no doubt recall some of those classic family members – Mr. Bun the Baker, Mr. Chip the Carpenter or Dr. Dose.

Those characters were from the 1800’s. Are they still
relevant in twenty-first century Britain?

Meet some of our new families that represent modern day
Britain with all its diversity and ethnicity. Collectively, they are the Politically Incorrect Happy Families.

Politically Incorrect Happy Families are proudly designed
and Made in Great Britain. They are available now for just £8.95 a pack (postage included) from

The History of Happy Families

The original Happy Families were devised by Jean Jacques II,
a French Huguenot immigrant to the United Kingdom, with designs thought to be by Sir John Tenniel, who was an illustrator for Punch magazine. They were released in time for The Great Exhibition of 1851.


Politically Incorrect Happy Families